Brand Amabassador

NICHER is a t-shirt brand new to the market and we believe everybody own at least one t-shirt. We aims to stay up to trend and develop the best t-shirt design.


  1. Earn 5% from each sale you made while having fun with the outfit!
  2. Receive special 30% discount code to use on any products in store. This code is no valid date.
  3. Get to know new items before anyone deos! We will send an email to update you with the new trends and items.
  4. Get free gifts for special occasion and have fun with online activity open for brand ambassador only.


  1. Join our affiliate program is easy just apply yourself to and we will contact you back within 2-3 days.
  2. After you got the confirmation email to be part of our ambassador team, you will get your own affiliate links.
  3. Next thing you have to do is to drive traffic to NICHER site and generate sales.
  4. GET 5% commision per sale!